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Save the date! The next Food For Thought workshop will be on 22nd March at Exeter Golf & Country Club.

Once again the workshop will offer food and drink business people the opportunity to network together and investigate ideas to grow their businesses sustainably and profitably. This time the workshop is running in conjunction with Food Drink Devon and will focus on strategies for hospitality businesses and food retailers.

The event on 30th October 2018 at Dartington Hall was a resounding success with tickets selling out and the room filled with creative discussion and maybe even a bit of debate. So once more we will have a presentation from Barbara King who will turn her attention to the other side of the retail challenge: making the customer’s experience memorable (for all the right reasons!) and creating lasting fans.

Under the title: Customers are key! Getting sutomers throught the door and coming back for more” this workshop will once again be an interactive session full of ideas and strategies to help you find the new customers you’re looking for and establish loyal fans who keep coming back for more.

The speakers will be:

Barbara King, MD of The Shops at Dartington, has worked with some of the world’s leading retailers and give us an exclusive insight into her priorities for welcoming customers, positioning products and converting first time customers to life long regulars.

Hayley Reynolds of RAW Food & Drink PR works with some of the regions most recognisable brands. She’ll share her top tips on understanding your ideal customer to ensure that your message reaches them via the right press and marketing activities using strategy rather than huge budgets.

Rich Evan’s background is in digital and social media marketing working with some of the UK’s best known hospitality brands. Having run a successful campaign for one of Devon’s Michelin starred restaurants last year he knows first hand how to effectively use TripAdvisor to your advantage and build a social media profile that draws in new customers and lets you grow sales and profits.

Alongside input from me – sharing insights from some of the businesses I have worked with and generally pulling together the ideas discussed during the day to ensure that you leave with a clear plan for putting the ideas into practice.

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The origins of Food For Thought

The Food For Thought workshops came into being from a reflection on all the businesses I have met with in the last 7 years that define their success based on their turnover; how many packs or litres they can sell, but most of all how much money they take in sales. This is all very well, but at the end of the day does this really matter? More sales doesn’t necessarily mean more profit, and it is profit that brings in the cash to pay the bills!

Businesses with clear strategies to deliver more profit, not just more sales, are the ones who succeed and so that’s what we are seeking to deliver.

You can read more about the topics that were discussed in previous workshops in the following posts: The reality of retail, Fail to plan? Plan to fail, where there’s magic there’s margin and You don’t get anything for nothing, Get more bang from your marketing bucks!.

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