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The next Food For Thought workshop will run on 30th October 2018 at Dartington Hall near Totnes.

Too many of the businesses I have met with in the last 7 years have defined their success based on their turnover; how many packs or litres they can sell, but most of all how much money they take in sales. This is all very well, but at the end of the day does this really matter? More sales doesn’t necessarily mean more profit, and it is profit that brings in the cash to pay the bills!

Businesses with clear strategies to deliver more profit, not just more sales, are the ones who succeed. So that’s what we are seeking to deliver.

The Dartington Hall Trust is committed to supporting a diverse mixture of projects and businesses and has a close connection with the food and farming industries, so it makes a great venue for our workshop. In addition to we are lucky enough to have Barbara King, chair of Food Drink Devon and managing director of The Shops at Dartington as our primary speaker.

Barbara is a talented and hugely experienced retailer and she will share her views from the retailer’s perspective and her knowledge of independent food retailers while Victoria Townsend, head of retail innovation at Bidfresh, will be on hand to discuss her experience of building strong relationships with supermarkets and larger retailers.

The workshop will build on the success of the workshop in February and is designed to be a day of constructive and open discussion for all ambitious food and beverage producers.

Topics for discussion will include:

> considering both the customers – the retailer and the end consumer – and pinpointing what they value,

> which products or customers are worth most to you

> your options for getting to those key customers.

The day will be packed full of ideas, experience and suggestions and you will leave with your own tailored “Action Plan”.

The workshop runs from 9.30 am until 1.30pm on 30th October. Tickets are just £30 if purchased before 30th September (or £40 after that).

You can find out more information and book a place at the workshop at or call Susie on 07801 199671 for further information.

You can read more about the topics that were discussed in the February workshop in the following posts: Fail to plan? Plan to fail, where there’s magic there’s margin and You don’t get anything for nothing, Get more bang from your marketing bucks!.

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