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More Food For Thought!

Tuesday 30th October saw another fantastic Food For Thought workshop: this time at Dartington Hall where the topics for discussion revolved around strategies for growing successfully selling via retailers.

So many businesses came along that we had to relocate to a larger room on site at Dartington, and everyone had something to contribute to the discussion – successes, frustrations, experiences, challenges and tips!

The most common feedback was that it was a really valuable opportunity to be able to meet with other small food producers to be able to network, share ideas and mostly remember that other people face similar challenges so that while every business is unique, we are not alone!

Over the next few weeks I will be summarising some of the topics discussed on my blog and also working on more workshops for next year, starting with February 2019. For more information checkout the workshop page.

Where there’s magic there’s margin

At the Food For Thought workshop in February one of the high points was the presentation by Charles Baughan, MD of Westaway Sausages. He gave an energising and inspirational talk which left everyone in the room wanting to hear more.

He began by sharing some of his own survival tips for small business:

As Westaway’s has grown the customer base has become more diverse; now they sell to retail, wholesale, and food service customers both in the UK and abroad. Charles talked us through a comparison of the different channels and markets and discussed the reasons for pursuing this strategy.

It was evident from this that the broad range of customers offered a chance to spread risk and also smooth any short term fluctuations in sales volumes.

However the advice was quite clear: “Sometimes it is better to spend time and effort choosing your customers instead of reacting to every opportunity”, something that supported the business planning discussion from earlier in the day.

Questions that would help work out whether an opportunity was the right one for your business included:

Can they pay their bills?
Do you like them?
Are they high maintenance?
Is their business strategically right for you? (Not just about profit!)
Is the market expanding?
Why are you the best choice for them? Are you cheaper? Better? Faster?

From my point of view this final question is fundamental; success is not just about why “they” are the right customer for you but also why you’re the right supplier for them. That’s where the magic comes in – if you can supply something that fits the customers needs better than the competitors you can make the margin.

The message to take away was clear: make a plan, aspire to great things and then get out there and succeed.

You can find more details of what was discussed at the workshop here