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Lean In: Lessons from Sheryl Sandberg

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”
Spencer Johnson, Who moved my cheese

I have just finished reading the book “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg.

I was curious when I started reading because really the only feedback I had heard about it was Sandberg was preaching that women need to try harder (“lean in”) which was easy for her to say with a huge salary and a nanny.

That wasn’t the message that I got from the book though.

I am definitely guilty of being over modest about my achievements and sometimes allowing self doubt to hold me back. Sandberg explores the reasons why women are more likely than men to act this way as well as looking at how even in the 21st Century attitudes can inhibit women from aspiring to senior business roles.

In the first chapter of the book Sandberg explores the quote above and it really resonated with me: being afraid could be something as simple as being too embarrassed to speak out in a meeting where everyone else is agreeing.

This year I have made a resolution to look out for times when being afraid stops me from doing something and then challenge myself to overcome the fear.

What is Auto Enrolment? Workplace Pensions for small businesses

Instead of thinking about a blog post in the last few weeks I have been working on a factsheet for my clients (and any other small businesses) explaining the approaching changes to pensions in the UK.

A pensioned off computer!

A pensioned off computer!

You can download it here if it’s useful to you: Workplace Pensions Explained

The new “Workplace Pensions” are quite complicated and will probably cause big headaches for small businesses like the ones I help so its really important that we all (me included!) understand what’s going on. Writing a quick factsheet for small businesses seemed like a good idea: it wasn’t going to take very long.

However, writing this kind of extra material takes time – lots of time.

First there’s the research, which delivered a first draft that was far too long and detailed. Then there was lots of editing and reorganising in order to fit it on to 2 pages. I think I have spent around 15 hours writing and reviewing it. This is not time that my clients will pay for, they just expect me to know about the pensions.

Still, I’m finished at last and I am pleased with the results. Now all I need to do is circulate it!

You can download it here if it’s useful to you: Workplace Pensions Explained