New Challenges

I have just been appointed Finance Director in one of my clients business’.

As their business grows it has become clear that they need my input in a higher level capacity as well as in the operational/ getting things done role that I’ve been carrying out so far.

Recently I found an article by Sir Anthony Seldon, the retiring headmaster at Wellington College, about his advice to his successor on taking over his role. While this talks about running a school I think it is actually pretty relevant to taking over a leadership role in any team.

The main points were:

1. Praise and Build
Dont make changes just for the sake of it. First you should look to understand the status quo and the people so that you only change the things that need to be changed!

2. Be your own person
Leadership advice from Sir Anthony Seldon
You need to introduce new ideas rather than impose them, but if the changes are for the good of the organisation rather than your own ego you’ve got a good chance of success.

3. Do your thinking in advance
Once you get started there’s no time to stand back and reflect so you need to understand your own plan for what you want to achieve in place at the outset.

4. Enjoy Yourself
Its far too easy to get bogged down and lost in procedures and office politics.
Don’t let yourself be sidetracked by other peoples’ agendas.

5. Trust your judgement
You will never have the same opportunity again, so don’t end up with regrets that you didn’t do what you wanted to do.

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