How can I find more time for my business?

There are always so many things that seem to be permanent fixtures on my to do list.

Time running outThere’s work things, for my clients, and I do need to do my own “business housekeeping” and then there’s school holidays when I work less, which means that more things queue up waiting for the first week of term. On top of this from time to time my “hoover wielding hero” (see earlier blog!) needs a spot of attention too!

So what can I do?

If someone asked me, I would probably say “Prioritise!” but in reality everything on my to do list is something that I want to get done! Things that are not urgent, like my tax return, are actually important and if I’m not careful it will stay on the to do list until next January when all of a sudden it will be super urgent.

This year I have tried to be more disciplined, blocking out whole days for networking and business development efforts. That has helped, because it allows me to feel more comfortable about taking 3 hours out of my day to attend networking meeting and maybe a big part of the problem is that I feel stressed about the number of jobs outstanding. I have always been overambitious about how much I can achieve in the time allowed.

However, this Friday is supposed to be one of those “my business” days but now one of my clients wants to meet a contact of mine about potentially working together and Friday is the only day I can meet them both! I guess it’s all about compromise…

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