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Question markIf you think I might be able to help you you’re probably (but not always) a business based in Devon.

Your owner is ambitious and has great plans for the future, but is probably over-worked: struggling to find time to keep on top of doing the day to day work in the business while also working on the business strategy, developing and growing it and keeping everyone happy.

My background is in food manufacturing businesses and I am particularly passionate about helping small food businesses in Devon succeed in a very tough market place but it doesn’t matter to me what kind of business you’re in – I rely on you to know your trade, what I bring is my experience making sense of the numbers, understanding what you want from the future and helping your people focus on getting you there.

The sort of problems I have helped businesses with in the past include:

– Why is there never enough money to pay all the bills?

– How come we’re busier than we were last year, but I don’t seem to be earning more?

– We have an opportunity to sell to a new customer, how can we tell if it will make us money?

– We’ve been offered finance on a new machine, but is it a good deal?

– Am I making money or not? I don’t really know!

If it sounds like I could help you with something like this have a rummage through my blog as I have shared reflections on some of the challenges I have come across.

If you would like to discuss your particular issues give me a call. There’s no charge for a chat and initial consultation.

You can read some of the feedback I’ve had from clients here

Phone: 07801 199671
email: susie@poundlane.co.uk

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