Monthly Archives: October 2014

Questions, Questions

“The wise man doesn’t give the right answers; he poses the right questions”
Claude Levi-Strauss

When I’m confused about something, or can’t seem to work out how a system works it’s amazing how trying to work out a question to ask someone else can actually make the solution pop into my head.

I think the reason for this is that if I want to ask someone else to help me I need to explain the background to my problem. That makes me think through what I know logically and then sometimes the answers appear – as if by magic!

Whether that’s it or not, it’s really useful when it happens.

Good Advice

This month I am celebrating 3 years of working independently as a management accountant.

It’s been an interesting journey over this time. When I started out I knew all the accounting things that I was good at, I knew the bits I wanted to do and the accounting things I really didn’t want to get involved in, but I didn’t really know if anyone else was interested in me doing that for them.

So I’ve been on a steep learning curve. Most notably, in the beginning I thought that I had worked for a small business before – my first job inside a company was with a software business that turned over £10 million a year in the UK alone, which was small compared to where I was working immediately before and after!

My first client turned over a little more than £1 million a year – I soon learned that the real world looked very different and exactly what “small business” meant.


Luckily while I was working with that business I was advised that you should plan for a new business venture to take at least 3 years to get established. The lady who told me this wasn’t interested in professional services; she was running shops, but the advice has proved spookily true. In the last 12 months I have finally worked out what works for me and my clients, and I feel (touch wood) that things have settled into a comfortable rhythm that I can build on.

All my clients are great individuals. My kind of work involves giving advice face to face about sometimes delicate issues so it’s vital that we have a trusting relationship and get on on a personal level. This in turn makes the work even more satisfying.

Hopefully the next 3 years will be even better!