Monthly Archives: June 2014

What’s in a name?

There’s no point in trying to hide it – I’m feeling defensive about my choice of Pound Lane for my business’ name.

On several occasions recently I have been handed my business card to contacts – people I already know reasonably well – and their response has either been “sounds like Pound Land…” or an unimpressed sounding “is that where you live?”.

I can’t deny that Pound Lane is where I live, but hold on – I mean Pound, like money, because I’m an accountant! It’s not particularly clever, but does it need to be? Hopefully my work speaks for itself without clever marketing gimmicks.

The crucial reason for choosing “Pound Lane” and not Susie Kevern was because it is so difficult to explain how to spell my name to new contacts – is it an S or a Z? Is it Ca, Ka or Ke? Where does the R fit? It is a nightmare. Even when I have emailed someone it seems difficult for them to work out the spelling!

At least the last person I gave a card to (a marketing specialist) got the point, so maybe things are starting to improve. I’ll just need to get tougher about proactively defending my choice of name.

The view up Pound Lane

The view looking up Pound Lane